Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is utmost important and it is the responsibility of the users to comply with all the applicable copyright laws and the website is not responsible for protecting the copyright, license, Intellectual Property rights of the users or third party. Along with the subsidiaries, joint ventures, affiliates and their owners, directors, officers, agents, contractors, partners and employees will be harmless from any kid of loss, liability, claim or demand that may arise out of any claim instituted by any third party based on copyright breach due to content uploaded on the website by any user.


Time to time, we collect certain type of information from the users to improve our website and so to optimize our service. We understand that privacy is utmost important to each one of us and we would see to it that the privacy is guarded well. Once we collect your personal information, it is stored in our database on our servers. During registration, the website prompts you to provide user details mainly to communicate if the participant gets shortlisted. Additionally, if personal details are not provided, the company would reach out to you by using your school or official details, only in the case where the participant gets shortlisted. Please note that, we secure your privacy and no details will be used or shared to any third party without your permission.

The company may also collect information such as your usage on our website and the way you interact with its functionalities such as:

  • The tech-savvy users might try and use bots and scripts in an attempt to dupe the website, the company shall procure such details as much as it can to safeguard and enable the system to be secure. This will also prevent from creating multiple accounts and votes.
  • When you upload or view certain content on the website, information automatically gets collected as server logs, IP address, browser version, language and the date and time.
  • We use every micro detail to protect the privacy. The website also sends cookies and anonymous identifiers to your device in an attempt to improve our services to make a fool-proof system.

Our website is an online platform in an attempt to bring out the hidden talent across our nation, at anytime during this process, if there is a necessity to change user details, you are free to do so, rest assured that the details are secured and will not be shared without your consent.

Information submitted on the website is only accessible to the employees. Last but not the least, we will definitely take all steps to safeguard the data shared on our website in agreement with the Policy. It would be advisable to the user not to share their passwords.