Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Way2films (Right way Entertainment) is an organization that provides an opportunity to many cine aspirants. By using our services, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned here under. Please go through them carefully.


By registering on our website, it indicates that you are agreeing to the

  1. Terms and conditions of service
  2. Company privacy policy.

Website Rules and Regulations. Under any circumstance, if you disagree to any policy or rules of this concept, please do not go ahead.

The terms here under form the Terms of Service for the website www.way2films.com which is a segment of Right way Entertainment. The company reserves all rights to change, modify, or delete parts of the terms and conditions listed here or the rules of this contest at any point of time without any prior notice to the participants. However, we will certainly notify you if there are any material changes of the Terms of Use. Any such change will be effective immediately on the site. Any participant uploading image/video/audio or any other media file on the site, and any viewer viewing or voting for the participant agrees all terms and conditions.


Users usage on the website implies that they have read, understood and agree to the Terms of the website. While you are a user of the website, you shall refrain from uploading abusive content, porn or spam material and we have the rights to remove such content if found on our site. With reference to advertising involving any of the content uploaded by the participants, they agree that the third-party advertising may be made available to the users of this website any time at the discretion of the company. Participants agree that they shall not be authorized to demand any compensation for such publicity or advertisement. The participants are only entitled to win the finalist awards.

The organization may dismiss or eliminate or suspend any profile due to reasons including:

  • Violation of any of the do’s or don’ts that are listed in the terms of service related to the website or the contest itself.
  • Someone else has the copyright of your content.

The website shall hold no further liability towards you once your account gets suspended, which means the participant is dismissed from the contest.


The content uploaded on the website is subject to the Terms of Use. You agree not to upload any irrelevant or abusive content against the Terms and Conditions which also includes rules and policies of the website.

By uploading the content on the website, you invariably agree that the content can be used for any promotional purposes. You confirm to own the copy rights of the content you uploaded on the website, however, if any instances of violation of third party intellectual property rights, the company may be forced to remove such content from the website, and the entry becomes invalid. The company can act at its own discretion and will not notify such participant.

You agree that the termination of your account may not forbid other users from accessing the website and viewing the content uploaded by you. Company is not responsible if any of the participant’s content is copied by someone else without the participant’s permission.

The content uploaded by the participants on the website is copyright material of the participant. Users agree that other’s content shall not be used for any commercial use.

All the content uploaded on the website organizes proprietary material to the website and is protected by intellectual property laws and shall not be copied or used without any prior written approval by the company.

Company does not hold any ownership on your content and you deserve full rights and ownership before and after uploading the content on the website. Having said so, you grant the permission to exhibit, publicize and promote such content for free on the whole or in association with any other content on the website for promotional purposes. The rights that you grant in this license are for a limited purpose of operating, distributing and improving the services. Please make sure that the content provided by you is owned by you to grant us the license for any content you submit on the website.


The website may sometimes be unavailable due to some technical issues or maintenance purposes. The company may not be liable for conduct offline or online, theft, destruction, interruption, for error, omission, defect, delay in operation or transmission of content by the user of the website or due to maintenance on the website. Additionally, company has the rights to limit the usage and storage at its discretion without any prior notice.

In no event, will this website, officers, director’s, employees or agents be accountable to you or any third party for any damages caused directly or indirectly that may arise out of your use of the site.


Despite anything conflicting, Company’s accountability to you for any cause, in any form of the action will be limited to the amount paid by you to the website for the service during your association with the company.

Thus, you agree not to demand any charges against the company for any of your personal losses, actions, liabilities, damages, claims or expenses arising out because of the use of the website.


For the best understanding of our viewers and users of our website, listed below are widely used words on this website.

“Website” or “Site” - refers to www.way2films.com and all related web pages, URL’s or sub-domains.

“Account” – An online identity that a website User receives on registration.

“User(s)” include both registered and unregistered Individuals who visit the Website.

“Content” includes the text, audio, video; graphics, photos, videos, and other materials a User may view, access through, or contribute to the Website.

A “Member” is a person who signs up or registers on the Website.

A “Participant” is a member uploading an Entry on the Website with or without an intention of taking part in this competition organized by the Company.

A “Visitor” is a person who visits the Website or cast a valid vote on any content uploaded on the Website.

An “Entry” is a piece of content uploaded on the Website by a Participant. A “voting” refers to the number of likes received by the content on the Website.

“Disqualification” or “Suspension” is for an Entry in a Member’s Account that is not eligible for competition.

Website hosts a series of competitive cycles across various categories, which will be referred to as “Competitions” going forward. The words competition and contest can be used interchangeably here.